What welding helmet to buy?

Amico 160 Amp 

High responsibility cycle
If you intend to do a lot of welding, it is necessary that the unit has a high duty cycle, so you do not have to linger throughout the day awaiting it to cool down.

The Amico 160 has an active capacity cycle of 60% at 160 amps. That means for every single ten mins; you could bond for six before you need to quit and also let it cool off for four mins.

Nevertheless, that's if you are pressing the best tig welder to its limitations using all 160 amps. The duty cycle is permanently raised the lower you set the amperage.

For such a top position stick welder you 'd expect it would have a cost to level yet you 'd be shocked. For much less compared to $220 plus the cost of consumables you get the full plan and also could start welding today.

Apparently, there are more affordable rigs offered. When it comes to building tools, you don't intend to go ALSO cheap. The Amico 160 stands for the great mix of power, high quality, and rate.

Light-weight/ Portable
Many thanks to its inverter based style the Amico 160 is just one of the lightest welders in the shop today.

Weighing a plain 19 extra weights, it's not only light, but it's also tiny, measuring 12.5 x 9 x 22 inches. If you move a great deal, the little dimension is a lifesaver. On top of that, the Amico 160 has both a sturdy manage and a ridged band for hassle-free transport.

Long job clamp as well as electrode holder leads
While on the topic of adaptability, it sports both a 10-foot work clamp as well as a 10-foot electrode owner

And if they're not long sufficient, luckily the Amico 160 is light enough to move around effortlessly. Plus you could continuously update if you should. Poor quality electrode holder.
It was substantially too cool to be authentic.

Like everything, it has its mistakes. Luckily there is only one small imperfection: the electrode holder isn't the best.

It is constructed of copper covered steel with white ceramic. The copper tends to use down which weakens the hold of the electrode triggering it to slip when striking an arc.

This is easily fixed by updating to a far better high-quality holder.

DC only
Not really a problem, however, it's something you must understand.

DC is typically the favored welding polarity anyhow yet if you know you have to bond with AC, look somewhere else.

The Judgment
Whether you're brand new to the globe of welding or have been welding for years the Amico 160 amp DC stick welder is just one of the best welders in the marketplace today.

It is manageable, robust, cost-effective and competent of creating great quality welds.

If you're trying to find a no-frills welder that will undoubtedly do its work each time, think about the Amico 160.